Vet Clinic Etobicoke

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Vet Clinic Etobicoke

If you are searching for a vet clinic in Etobicoke, at Islington Village, we have a specialized team of professionals providing comprehensive pet care services. No matter if you are looking only for a regular checkup or if you search for a full medical examination for your pet, we are prepared to address all your concerns.

What is a veterinary clinic?

In a vet clinic, we diagnose and treat any health condition your pet might be dealing with. A challenge for the veterinarian is to attend a broad diversity of species, so most of the urban vet clinics will focus only on companion animals. You can still find a small portion of mixed practices which deal with both small animals as well as with large pets such as horses.

It is worth to note that some clinics offer services for exotic species such as caged birds, ornamental fish, or reptiles. No matter what type of pet you have, we can provide the medical assistance they might require.

What services do you get at a vet clinic?

Our vet clinic in Etobicoke will do any diagnosis or treatment to maintain your pet’s health or to provide expert assistance for its ailments. There is though a significant difference between an animal hospital and a vet clinic in term of facilities. The clinic will mainly focus on prevention, diagnostic, treatment, or emergencies. We go one step further to provide you with:

  • Preventive medicine - it is easier and cheaper to maintain your pet in a healthy condition than to go through a costlier medical procedure
  • Diagnosis and treatment – a proper diagnosis is essential when it comes to healing your pet. After being properly diagnosed, we can then propose adequate treatment
  • Dentistry services - regular teeth cleaning and polishing will prevent painful decays and problems that arise from this
  • Surgery - routine procedures like spaying and neutering
  • Assistance for emergencies – regardless of the emergency’s nature we will give the first aid and, if necessary, we will refer your pet to a hospital that will be able to attend your pet’s specific condition

The benefits of using a veterinary clinic

As a pet owner, you would like to keep your companion in a healthy state so that both of you will enjoy living together for as many years as possible. Your pet will benefit from having a regular vet who is aware of its medical history or any specific condition. Scheduling regular visits to our vet clinic in Etobicoke will help with:

  • Early disease detection– a timely checkup may identify the early stages of a disease
  • Preventive healthcare – your vet can offer a health plan (including vaccinations) to help your pet stay fit and healthy for a longer time
  • Senior pet care - senior pets are more susceptible to illness, accidents, and loss of cognitive function, so they will need special attention

By signing up with Islington Village specialized pet care services, you will enjoy a healthy pet for a longer time. We will assist you in any stage of its life from small cub to adulthood and senior years.

Vet Clinic Etobicoke
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