Prescription Pick Up Ft Lauderdale

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Prescription Pick Up Ft Lauderdale

Consider Bailey's Home Town Pharmacy for prescription pick up in Ft Lauderdale. We pride ourselves on accuracy in filling RX medications- even offering our customers free local delivery throughout all of South Florida. If you have a prescription you need to be filled or are currently taking a maintenance medicine, we’ll do all the work so you can take care of other things.

When Pick Up Prescription in Ft Lauderdale is a Better Option

If you need to shop for additional items along with your RX, pick-up may be the better option. As a full-service drug store, Bailey’s is renown for our large inventory of sundries, beauty care supplies, fashion sunglasses, stationery, groceries, over-the-counter meds, and much more. Save time and shop where everything you need is located in a single convenient place. Bailey’s Pharmacy has what you need, every time.

When Delivery is a Better Option

Pick up is not always convenient for our customers- especially those who are recovering from an illness or surgery. Many of our customers have been advised by their doctor to stay home and get some much-needed rest, which is difficult to do when you have to drive across town for your medication. In cases like these, free delivery can mean a lot to our customers. That’s why we offer to bring your RX and any medical supplies you need, right to your door step.

The Benefits of a Face-to-Face Pharmacy Transaction

Make use of the time you spend in our pharmacy by asking any questions you may have about the prescription you’re picking up. Spend a few moments going over the directions for taking the prescription with one of our pharmacists to be certain you take the correct dosage and to ensure you aren’t taking any other medications that are not compatible.

Make sure to ask about our Price Match policy so you’ll get the lowest price on your prescription meds, guaranteed. We’ll compare your medication with those in our enormous database to find the lowest possible price without it impacting your copay. All of our services are of no cost to you- we simply provide them because we know they add value to your customer experience.

We Still Offer $2 and $4 Medicines

Many of our prescription medications still cost only $2 and $4- making them an exceptional deal. We’re always looking for new ways to save our customers money at Bailey’s Pharmacy. Whether you choose prescription pick up in Ft Lauderdale or choose to have us deliver your medications, you’ll experience the highest level of accuracy in medicine and dosage.

For your convenience, ask your doctor to call your RX in to Bailey’s and pick up your medication once it’s been filled. We can transfer an existing prescription from another pharmacy to ours without you having to lift a finger. We’ll do all the legwork and will notify you when the transfer is in place. No wonder we are the leading full-service pharmacy serving South Florida!

Prescription Pick Up Ft Lauderdale
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